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Shockwave Therapy For Pelvic Pain / Chronic Prostatitis

The new treatment for your chronic Pelvic Pain

Chronic prostatitis (also called chronic pelvic pain syndrome – CPPS) is defined as a non-specific pain, not easily localized in the absence of a diagnosable underlying disease caused by pelvic floor muscle spams.  Shockwaves therapy is effective in relieving pain for myofascial pelvic pain syndrome!

Chronic prostatitis - Chronic Pelvic Pain 
A muscular problem !!!

Our New Holistic approach

If you are reading this article you have most likely been suffering from chronic prostatitis for a long time. You have probably consulted several doctors, urologists and andrologists. You will surely have been taking different types of medicines and medications for a long time. But despite all your pain, it's still there. Return periodically in stressful periods.
A discomfort in the testicles, in the perineum, makes it difficult to pee, sometimes pain during eiculation ... to go out of your mind.
Have you ever had the feeling that your symptoms subside after a hot bath? have you noticed that you have fewer symptoms during the summer? or when you are relaxed in a warm place?
If so, probably many have wronged your diagnosis. You do not have a problem with the prostate but with the muscles surrounding the prostate.
Like when you have a calf cramp when running.
A rectal examination done by an experienced urologist is enough to understand it

According to some experts, the cause of chronic prostatitis of non-bacterial origin, pelvic pain syndrome,  would be a problem in the perineal Muscle spams;

The skeletal muscles of the pelvic floor support and surround the bladder, prostate and rectum. Much as spasm of neck and shoulder muscles can lead to tension headaches, spasm of the pelvic floor can lead to genital pain and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).

Pain can be felt in the penis, testicles, perineum (sensation of “sitting on a golf ball”), lower abdomen and lower back. Men may have post-ejaculatory pain and erectile dysfunction.1 Indeed, more than 50 percent of men with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) and patients with interstitial cystitis have pelvic floor spasm on exam, which can be an independent driver of their ongoing symptoms.

The diagnosis is not difficult but does require a slight modification of the usual digital rectal exam. In men, the muscles of the pelvic floor can be palpated anteriorly to either side of the prostate and laterally during the rectal exam. 

Pelvic floor spasm is felt as bands of tight muscle, and trigger points are felt as knots of muscle that are often painful on palpation and usually re-create the patient’s symptoms. Indeed, we believe a common cause of misdiagnosis of prostatitis comes from pain experienced during the rectal exam that is assumed to be due to the prostate but is actually caused by palpation of extraprostatic muscles.


OUR innovative approach to chronic Pelvic Pain

We treat the muscles not the prostate !

Currently, there is no specific cure for chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.

In our urological clinic, Hiolisticandrology, we offer an innovative treatment aimed at reducing spasms of the pelvic muscles with excellent results.

Our holistic approach involves a combination of therapies to reduce contractures of the pelvic muscles. This approach is based on the use of physiotherapy, shock waves, heat therapy and muscle relaxant drugs. 

The mainstay of treatment for pelvic floor spasm is physical therapy (PT) that consists of myofascial release using Shockwave therapy.  The goal is to help relax the muscles, not to strengthen them. Therefore, Kegel exercises, which are often inappropriately applied as “generic physical therapy,” can make the symptoms worse.

Our Holistic approach  improves symptoms in about 80 percent of cases. 


Shockwave therapy for Pelvic pain / chronic prostatitis

Traditionally, the therapy of this syndrome is based on the use of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and alpha-blockers, used individually or in combination. Other second-line therapies have been employed, with mediocre results.
Shockwaves have two main characteristics: they can propagate in a liquid medium (1500m / sec in water) or gaseous (in the air) or solid, compact (the tissues of the human body) and carry energy.  
These waves are produced by a handpiece that is placed on the body and can be transmitted to a well-located point or region of the body. The energy of the waves is discharged only in the targeted area without involving the nearby tissues. The biological action mechanism is well clarified.
Shockwaves therapy is effective in relieving pain for myofascial pelvic pain syndrome .
The effect of ESWT in myofascial pain syndrome might be pain relief by alternating concentration of pain related substances, promoting angiogenesis and increasing perfusion at ischemic tissues. 
The cells of the muscular tissue affected by the shock waves are thought to be first compressed, due to the positive pressure deriving from the energy carried by the shock wave, and then expand due to the intrinsic tension properties, almost like a balloon inflated, creating microscopic bubbles, which induce a stress, an opening, of the cell membrane with release of angiogenetic factors.
Shockwave therapy is non-invasive and has been applied to the treatment of chronic prostatitis since it induces an increase in vascularity, an increase in anti-inflammatory signals, an interruption of painful nerve impulses and a reduction in passive muscle tone.
A recently published study shows that 76% of patients with chronic prostatitis unresponsive to antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and alpha-blocker therapy 4 weeks after low intensity Shockwave therapy had a benefit that in the ‘82% of patients were over 3 months of follow-up.

chronic prostatitis treatment

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