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Shockwave for Impotence  treatment

Your Andrology Clinic In London

Holistic Andrology is the first London andrology clinic to use a scientific, holistic and non-invasive shockwave programme for treating sexual problems such as impotence, Peyronie’s disease and chronic prostatitis (pelvic pain syndrome). We provide an efficient and qualified service, affordable prices, quickly and at sustainable costs, with the most innovative technologies in the male sexual medicine field. We guarantee empathy, total privacy and full support for the entire treatment. Our expert Andrologist  in London offers  Shockwave for Impotence at affordable price.

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Our Andrologist In London , certified by the European Committee of Sexual Medicine (MJCSM), offers personalized programs for men suffering from ED due to other causes, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders or pelvic surgery, such as radical prostatectomy.


Why you should have your impotence treatment with us?

HolisticAndrology is the only andrology clinic in  London to exclusively focus on men’s health and male impotence.
Our physicians are European certified Andrologists-Urologist, have a PhD and are recognised worldwide for their clinical and academic skills. They are authors of several scientific publications and invited speakers in the most famous international scientific meetings on men’s “sexual health”.
We continuously update and improve our Holistic impotence treatment strategies and incorporate the latest scientific findings in in the field of men’s “sexual health”.

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This means we are extremely focused, specialised in impotence cure.

When you are treated by us you can rest assured that we are always applying the latest scientific-based medical treatments in the field of impotence.

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