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Low Testosterone Treatment

Low Libido

In medicine, the insufficient production of male hormones (including testosterone) by the testicle is called hypogonadism, although the word 'andropause' is often used colloquially, somewhat inappropriately.

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The therapy for male hypogonadism depends on the underlying cause (primary vs. secondary) and the desire to preserve their fertility .

For hypogonadism caused by testicular dysfunction (primary hypogonadism) , your specialist will recommend hormone replacement therapy (testosterone replacement therapy). Testosterone replacement therapy can restore sexual function and muscle strength and prevent bone loss (osteoporosis). Additionally, people undergoing testosterone replacement therapy often report increased levels of energy, libido, and well-being.

If the cause is a problem in the hypothalamus-pituitary axis (secondary hypogonadism) , gonadotropin therapy can be used to stimulate sperm production and restore fertility . Testosterone replacement therapy is a possible therapeutic approach but can impair fertility. A pituitary tumor, on the other hand, may require removal through surgery or radiotherapy or another type of hormone replacement therapy.

It is very important to carry out a preliminary evaluation of the prostate , as the possible presence of prostate cancer is an absolute contraindication to testosterone replacement therapy.

There are several methods of administering testosterone. The choice of different methods of administration depends on the patient's preferences, side effects and costs. It is found, in fact, in the following formulations:

Testosterone injections are safe and effective. The drug is injected intra-muscularly.

A testosterone-releasing patch is applied to the back, abdomen, forearm or thigh each evening. The patch is applied in rotation to different areas of the body to minimize the risk of allergic skin reactions.

Various formulations are available in the form of gels, with different methods of application. The gel formulation causes fewer skin reactions than patches. A potential side effect of the gel is the ability to transfer the drug to another person (with physical contact with bare skin) and therefore patients should avoid skin contact until the gel is completely resorbed or otherwise cover the affected area.

Mucoadhesive Cheek and Gum
Tablets These small, gel-like tablets quickly attach to the gum allowing the drug to be absorbed.

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