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Shockwave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction in London

Innovative Impotence Treatment

"Are you struggling with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, in London? You're not alone. This condition affects millions of men globally, often due to vascular issues. Fortunately, effective treatment options are available, including a revolutionary method known as Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy. As a leading erectile dysfunction clinic in London, we specialize in this innovative, painless treatment. Many of our patients report significant improvements in their ability to achieve an erection within weeks of starting therapy.

Unlike standard treatments such as PD5 inhibitors (e.g., Viagra) or penile injections, which merely address the symptoms of ED, Shockwave therapy targets the underlying causes. While conventional treatments facilitate on-demand erections, they do not restore normal erectile function or reduce penile fibrosis, a common cause of impotence. At our London clinic, we're proud to offer Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction, a solution that goes beyond symptom management to address the root cause of ED."

shockwave for erectile dysfunction london
shockwave for ED london

Shockwave therapy for erectile Dysfunction: How it works?

"Shockwaves, audible high-energy sound waves, have been a successful treatment method in the medical world since around 1980. They've been used to treat various medical conditions, including kidney stones and arthritis. However, the intensity of the shockwaves used for these conditions is higher.

In the realm of erectile dysfunction, shockwave therapy presents a promising solution. When applied to the penis, shockwaves cause minor damage to the penile tissue. The healing process that follows leads to the formation of new blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow to the penis. This enhanced blood flow may result in an improved ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

Traditional treatments for impotence, such as oral and endocavernal injection therapy, are symptomatic. They address the symptom without altering the persistent erectile dysfunction that resumes once the drug's effect wears off. In contrast, low-intensity shockwave therapy aims to reduce penile fibrosis and stimulate the regeneration of the cavernous tissue. This approach allows the tissue to recover its functional efficiency, offering a more comprehensive solution to erectile dysfunction."

How the Shockwave for Erection Works?

Experience the latest in erectile dysfunction treatment in London at our clinic, where we specialize in shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction. This innovative treatment strategy enhances natural erections and may even reduce impotence. Here are some of the key benefits of shockwave therapy at our London erectile dysfunction clinic:

  • It's a non-invasive treatment that lasts just 20 minutes – you can walk in and walk out within 30 minutes.

  • No medication is required, making it a natural solution for erectile dysfunction.

  • It has fewer complications than other treatment modalities, making it a safer choice for many patients.

During your treatment session at our London clinic, a medical applicator delivers low-intensity shockwaves to your genital area. This procedure is performed by an expert and certified Andrologist in a comfortable medical room, ensuring minimal pain and discomfort.

We recommend a minimum of 6 sessions (1-3 sessions per week) for our shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction. For more severe ED cases, we may recommend up to 12 shockwave sessions. Visit our erectile dysfunction clinic in London to start your journey towards improved sexual health today.

erectle dysfunction clinic in London

Can I be treated with shockwave?

"Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction, a revolutionary treatment offered at our London erectile dysfunction clinic, has the potential to benefit all patients suffering from impotence. This innovative therapy can even enhance erection quality in men without any existing issues, positioning shockwave as a preventative measure against erectile dysfunction.

Before initiating treatment, a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation is crucial to establish the most effective therapeutic protocol. So, what are the expected benefits of shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction?

Scientific evidence is increasingly supporting the efficacy of shockwave treatment for ED. Here are some ways patients at our erectile dysfunction clinic in London can benefit:

  1. Men with mild to moderate ED who respond well to PDE-5 inhibitors may regain their natural erections and reduce or even eliminate their dependence on medication.

  2. Patients with moderate to severe ED who do not respond to PDE-5 medication and rely on injections or other topical treatments may become more responsive to PDE-5 medicine after shockwave therapy.

  3. Shockwave therapy can enhance the results of other treatment modalities in most cases.

However, it's important to note that if you are suffering from stress-related or very severe ED, then shockwave therapy might not be the most suitable treatment. Our London erectile dysfunction clinic is dedicated to providing personalized care and will work with you to determine the best treatment approach for your specific needs."

Shockwave for impotence in London

Try Shockwave for erectile dysfunction today

"Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction, offered at our London clinic, has been proven to have lasting effects. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the permanence of these results. However, it's important to note that lifestyle factors can also contribute to erectile dysfunction. For the effects of shockwave therapy to be enduring, these lifestyle issues also need to be addressed.

Patients typically respond positively to shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction. However, it may take a few months to experience the maximum benefits. If, after 3-4 months, there is no significant improvement, our London erectile dysfunction clinic will consider other treatment modalities. Our goal is to provide the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, and we are committed to helping our patients achieve the best possible results."

"I am satisfied with the welcome received and above all the personal approach"

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Why you should have your ED treatment with us?

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Affordable price | Free first Online consultation

Our prices are the most competitive and affordable in  London. The first online consultation is free!

Shockwave Therapy For ED: the latest treatment strategy for patients suffering from ED. 

Improves Sexual Performance
Increases blood flow in the penis
Enhances Erections
Increases Sensation in the Penis
More Spontaneous Erections
Better Orgasms

We guarantee empathy: Doctor Castiglione will do the treatment himself

Doctor Castiglione will do the treatment himself. NO Nurses, No physiotherapists.

We provide an efficient and qualified service, quickly and at sustainable costs, with the most innovative technologies in the male sexual medicine field. We guarantee empathy, total privacy and full support for the entire treatment.

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