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Vasectomy boosts sexual frequency and satisfaction in both partners.

Vasectomy boosts sexual frequency and satisfaction in both partners.

Are you considering a vasectomy? Let's start with the first concern that every male has: Will having a vasectomy damage my sex life?

No! In reality, research reveals that men who have vasectomies have more sex desire, more intense orgasms, better satisfaction with erections and intercourse, and more frequent sexual experiences. Is it too wonderful to be true? So, let's go into the research and figure out why this is the case.

Before we get started, let's define what a vasectomy is.

A vasectomy is a kind of male birth control in which the flow of sperm is manually interrupted by surgically severing the vas deferens — the tube through which mature sperm travels to mingle with your sperm and leave the penis during ejaculation.

Currently, the only FDA-approved long-term contraceptive option for males is vasectomy. It is recommended for guys who are no longer interested in having children.

Why having a vasectomy does not reduce your sexual desire:

Many physiological and psychological variables influence a person's libido, or desire to participate in sexual activity of any type. Testosterone levels are the most crucial of these variables. The testes produce testosterone, which is subsequently released into the circulation. Because manually interrupting the vas deferens has no effect on testosterone synthesis or release, libido remains unchanged.

Why a vasectomy has no effect on your orgasm:

It's understandable for a male to be worried about "dry orgasms," in which a small amount of fluid is forced out of the urethra during orgasm. Ejaculation is an important aspect of the orgasm experience for many guys. Fortunately, a vasectomy has no discernible effect on the amount of fluid that a man ejaculates because, although 100% of cells are produced in the testicles, only 5% of whole ejaculate liquid is composed of sperm cells and fluid produced in the testes and epididymides. Though the colour, viscosity, and smell of a man's ejaculate alter with time, the lack of sperm cells in the sperm post-vasectomy has no discernible effect on these characteristics.

Why having a vasectomy has no effect on your erections:

We often consider the penis and testicles to be a "bundle" that goes together. This makes sense "topographically" as well as in terms of their relationship to sexual behavior and sexual performance. However, the blood supply and nerves in the testicles and penis are clearly distinct. This is due to the fact that the testes begin to mature around your kidneys and subsequently move towards the scrotum during gestation. The testicles transport blood and nerves with them. (This is why being pounded in the genitalia causes abdominal discomfort.) Because the blood and nerve supply to the testicles and penis are fundamentally distinct, a surgery in the scrotum cannot harm your penis.

This clarifies why a man's sexual life does not deteriorate after a vasectomy. But why does it increase so dramatically?

While evidence indicates that sexual pleasure is higher and more frequent among males who have had vasectomies, the studies mention various theories and participant-reported replies as to why. The top three explanations are as follows:

No unexpected pregnancy! Men no longer have to be concerned about an unintentional pregnancy, which alleviates a substantial source of stress. Men may be present and appreciate the physical and emotional feelings involved in the encounter rather than thinking about where and when to ejaculate, calculating her last period, and fretting about money.

There are no condoms! Many men remarked that not needing supplemental male contraception after vasectomy enabled condom-free sex, which allowed for greater feeling and sexual spontaneity. (It should be noted that STIs may still be transferred after a vasectomy, so if you and your partner are not monogamous, frequent testing and/or condom usage is still advised.)

Partners who are happy! Questionnaires and interviews with female partners revealed that women report increased desire and sex pleasure after a partner's vasectomy. This was ascribed to a lack of pregnancy anxiety, the absence of the need for chemical contraception (which may reduce desire in women), and gratitude that male partners had assumed the responsibility of contraception. It seems to reason that having a more aroused and passionate partner enhances men's sexual functionality and rate.

The choice to get a vasectomy is a highly personal and long-term one. If you want to have the surgery done, fortunately, you don't have to pick between contraceptive and sexual enjoyment - you can have both!

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