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The Frenulum in Men: Understanding Its Role and Treatments by Dr. Fabio Castiglione, London's Leading Urologist

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What is the Frenulum in Men? Importance and Insights by Prof Fabio Castiglione

Often referred to as the “bridle,” the frenulum in men is a small fold of tissue located under the head of the penis, at the base of the urethra. It extends from the glans to the underside of the penis's crown and can vary in length and thickness. We delve into this topic with Prof Fabio Castiglione, a renowned Urologist and Andrologist based in London.

Who is Prof Castiglione and What is Holistic Andrology?

Prof Fabio Castiglione, an Andrologist and Urologist, holds a degree in Medicine and Surgery, and completed his specialization in Urology at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan. He earned his PhD in stem cell research and erectile dysfunction at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium). A member of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM), the European Urology Board (FEBU), and the scientific committee of the Andrological Guidelines of the International Sexual Medicine Society (ISSM), European Association of Urology (EAU), and European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM), he is also a Full Professor in Urology in Italy and an Associate Professor at UCL in London, as well as a Consultant Urologist at King’s College Hospital in London.

Note: He is the author of over 100 publications in international journals and the creator of, the most advanced treatment for Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction, awarded as the best expert in Sexual Medicine and Andrology in Europe by the European Society of Sexual Medicine!

The Frenulum in Men

The frenulum plays a significant role in male sexual function. During an erection, it helps pull back the foreskin, revealing the penis head. The male frenulum is a small tissue fold extending from the underside of the penis's crown to the base of the urethra. It contributes to maintaining the foreskin's stability during erection, protecting the penis head from injuries. In some cases, the male frenulum can be too short or tight, causing a condition known as a short or tight frenulum. This condition can cause pain during erection or sexual activity and may also limit foreskin movement. In extreme cases, a short or tight frenulum can even break, causing pain and bleeding.

Function of the Male Frenulum

During erection, the frenulum pulls back the foreskin, uncovering the penis head, enhancing endurance and increasing sensitivity during sexual activity. It also helps maintain the correct position of the penis glans during erection.

Anatomy of the Male Frenulum

Composed of fibrous and vascularized tissue, the frenulum is elastic. It extends from the glans to the underside of the penis's crown, varying in length and thickness. Some men may have a short or tight frenulum, while others have a longer and less elastic one.

Pathologies of the Male Frenulum

A short or tight frenulum, causing pain during erection and sexual activity, can also lead to bleeding or tissue rupture. However, this condition can be treated with a surgical procedure called frenuloplasty, which involves cutting and lengthening the frenulum.


This inflammation of the frenulum and penis head can cause itching, pain, redness, and swelling. Frenulum balanitis can be caused by fungal or bacterial infection or poor hygiene. Treatment depends on the underlying cause but may include antibiotics or antifungals, thorough cleaning of the affected area, and anti-inflammatory therapy.

Why Does the Frenulum Break?

Common causes of frenulum breakage are linked to excessive pressure during sexual activity. This can occur due to an uncomfortable sexual position, a sudden or violent movement during intercourse, or involuntary muscle contraction during orgasm. A too short or tight frenulum can increase the risk of breakage during sexual activity, as it is less elastic and more prone to tearing or breaking.

Risk Factors for Frenulum Breakage

Risk factors increasing the likelihood of frenulum breakage include age (younger men are more susceptible), drug or alcohol use

, presence of sexually transmitted diseases, penile anatomy (certain penile shapes may increase the risk of frenulum breakage), and a previous history of frenulum breakage.


This surgical procedure is used to treat a short frenulum. During the procedure, the surgeon cuts the frenulum, allowing the foreskin to move more freely and reducing the risk of pain or injury. In some cases, the frenulum can also break, causing pain and bleeding. This condition is known as a broken or torn frenulum and is often caused by excessive pressure during sexual activity. Most cases of broken frenulum heal on their own within a few days, but in some instances, a frenuloplasty may be necessary, a surgical procedure that repairs the broken or damaged frenulum. Frenulotomy is commonly used to treat a short frenulum, while frenuloplasty is used to repair a broken or damaged frenulum.

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What Can Dr. Castiglione Do for the Frenulum?

As a urologist specializing in diagnosing and treating genito-urinary system disorders, Dr. Castiglione can offer a range of treatment options for broken or short male frenulum.

In cases of frenulum breakage, he can assess the severity of the injury and determine if surgical intervention is necessary. In some cases, the broken frenulum can heal on its own without the need for surgery, while in other cases, frenuloplasty may be required to repair the frenulum. For a short frenulum, he can assess the severity of the condition and advise appropriate treatment. In some cases, a short frenulum can be treated with stretching exercises or vacuum pumps to lengthen the frenulum. In other cases, frenulotomy may be necessary. Prof Castiglione can also provide counseling and support to patients who have suffered a frenulum breakage or suffer from a short frenulum. Specifically, he can provide information on how to prevent further frenulum injuries, how to care for the area after surgical procedures, and how to safely and comfortably resume sexual activity.


Now you know how to answer the question: what is the frenulum in men? If you are looking for a private specialist who is both a Urologist and Andrologist, you have just discovered the best professional in London! Prof Castiglione can offer a wide range of treatment options for the male frenulum, aimed at alleviating pain and improving male sexual function.

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