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Is the lack of morning erections a problem?

Is the lack of morning erections a problem? We talk about it with Dr Fabio Castiglione Urologist in London.

morning erection | urology clinic in london

Dr. Fabio Castiglione is an Urologist in London and Director HolisticAndrologyClinic. The center uses a therapeutic approach based on the most recent clinical studies, on the guidelines of the international scientific societies of sexual medicine of which Dr. Castiglione, Andrologist in London, is a member of the commission.

Is the lack of morning erections a problem?

Typically, men have several erections while they sleep. The process is called nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) (or morning erection) and occurs in males of all ages, even in young children. These erections are not caused by sexual stimulation but appear to be associated with REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

If a man wakes up during or only after a period of REM sleep, he may have a morning erection.

Lack of a morning erection isn't necessarily a problem. Sometimes, men wake up at different points in a sleep cycle when an erection does not occur.

However, morning erections might provide some clues to erectile dysfunction (ED). ED can have physical and psychological causes. Sometimes, physical and psychological factors are involved at the same time.

When a man suspects he has ED, his doctor might ask about morning erections. If he continues to suffer from NPT, his erection problems are likely to have a psychological origin, as his physical "plumbing" is still functioning. If he doesn't have NPT, physical problems could be the root of the impotence.

However, morning erections aren't the only criteria used to evaluate erectile dysfunction. Andrologists or Urologists will also consider a man's medical history, testosterone levels, and any medications he takes. Men who find they don't have morning erections like they did before should mention the situation to their treating Urologist in London.

If you want to clarify some aspects, book a visit with Dr. Fabio Castiglione Andrologist London.

Dr. Fabio Castiglione is a Urologist and Andrologist in London. He is Director of the HolisticAndrology Clinic. At his centers, a therapeutic approach is used based on the most recent clinical studies, on the guidelines of international scientific societies of sexual medicine and on the extensive clinical experience of Dr. Castiglione, urologist in London.

HolisticAndrology, urology clinic in London, has always been at the forefront to improve the quality of life for all people suffering from Impotence. If you are interested and want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact HolisticAndrology, andrology clinic in London (tel. +44(0)7830398165 WhatsApp) to book an andrological consultation with dr. Fabio Castiglione, Urologist London.

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