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How to Know if a Man is Fertile? The Signs of Fertility!

man fertility

Male fertility is a crucial aspect of reproductive health, often underestimated. Understanding the factors influencing male fertility is essential for identifying potential issues and optimizing conception chances.

Prof. Fabio Castiglione's Insights on Male Fertility

Prof. Castiglione, both an Andrologist and Urologist, has extensive experience in the field. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the anatomy and physiology of the male reproductive system, including the role of testicles in hormone and sperm production. Lifestyle, general health, age, and environmental factors can significantly impact male fertility.

Symptoms of Potential Fertility Issues

Possible fertility problems in men can manifest as changes in sperm quality, difficulty in maintaining an erection, painful ejaculation, or testicular pain. However, fertility issues may not always show evident symptoms. Conditions like obesity, smoking, alcohol abuse, and chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension can also affect fertility.

Fertility Tests for Men

Evaluating male fertility involves various tests and analyses to understand sperm health and potential infertility causes. These include sperm count, sperm morphology, and motility assessments. Advanced diagnostic techniques like sperm DNA tests are also used to evaluate fertility issues.

Approaches to Improve Male Fertility

Improving male fertility can be achieved through lifestyle changes, a healthy diet, and stress reduction practices. Maintaining a healthy body weight, reducing stress, avoiding high scrotal temperatures, and taking specific vitamin supplements can enhance sperm health and fertility.

Medical and Specialist Consultation

Consulting with a fertility specialist like Prof. Castiglione is crucial for a comprehensive evaluation and understanding of fertility issues. His expertise allows for a personalized diagnostic and treatment approach, offering empathetic support and guidance throughout the process.


Understanding one's reproductive health is key to addressing male fertility challenges. Consulting a medical professional like Prof. Castiglione can lead to a thorough and personalized fertility assessment. He is available for consultations and personalized evaluations, ensuring focused and individualized attention to reproductive health needs.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, Prof. Castiglione can be contacted at +447830398165.

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