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Cure impotence with low intensity shockwaves: The New treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Today we are again addressing a much discussed and important topic, the treatment of impotence with shockwaves. Cure impotence with shockwaves, we talk about it with Dr. Fabio Castiglione Urologist in London, expert in andrology and men's sexual health.

Does shockwave therapy work for erectile dysfunction (ED)?

There is a disparity between medical guides and companies about the usefulness of shockwaves for erectile problems. While European clinical guidelines recommend their use, the guides of the European Society of Sexual Medicine continue to regard them as experimental.

However even so: • The results of this therapy indicate that erections improve in 2 out of 3 men. • The benefits are maintained in 50% of men for more than a year, allowing them to stop using the drugs. Therefore, they are only 20% less effective than drugs, which tend to work in 70% of cases. Not many studies but, the results are promising! A recent study compares and compiles the data from various publications on the subject, bringing together about 600 patients. This meta-analysis reveals that surveys on erectile dysfunction among patients treated with shock waves showed better scores than those who did not.

Well earned attention! Shockwaves attract a lot of attention and have become the treatment of choice for mild erectile dysfunction in many health centers, especially in cases of a vascular nature. This means that they are one of the few alternatives to curative treatment for erectile problems. In any case, before choosing the shock waves, it is important to always consult a urology professional to assess whether this treatment can really be useful in each case.

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Why do shock waves work?

This is one of the aspects to be clarified in the sense that the reason why they work is explained by a biological mechanism, only partially known. The shock waves are able to increase the vascularization of the treated area and this consequently promotes its regeneration. Their main function is therefore to increase the vascularization of the treated area (local vasodilation), attracting circulating stem cells to the area that promote tissue regeneration. In particular, they induce a process of neoangiogenesis (the gradual formation of new blood vessels) which improves blood flow. This process results in an improvement in the functional efficiency of the penis. This innovative therapy is also being used successfully in the treatment of dysfunctions such as Induratio Penis Plastica, also known as La Peyronie’s disease and chronic prostatitis.

Why is it better than Viagra?

alternative to viagra

The substantial difference between shock waves and the famous “blue pill” (Viagra), for example, is that Viagra or similar provide for a programming of sexual intercourse, while shock waves allow the tissues of the penis to be rejuvenated, restoring the normal erections (even physiological ones in the morning); without any side effects. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or Stendra are drugs that are part of a drug therapy that is used to get erections when needed; however, without adequate investigation of the causes that cause the dysfunction, as mentioned, the root of the dysfunction is not treated but only the effects and only by taking drugs. Shockwaves work on penile rejuvenation and physiotherapy, that is, thanks to this treatment, tissue reinvigoration and rejuvenation are achieved, helping to improve the mechanism of erection.

Impotence treatment with shock waves, the advantages! Although it is not the panacea for all cases of erectile dysfunction, the low intensity shock waves allow to treat most vascular problems; underlying erectile dysfunction. Shock wave treatment has a number of advantages, it is not invasive, it does not cause pain, there are no age limits and there are no general or local contraindications, except for obvious inflammation! • The treatment is not invasive, and is practiced in the doctor’s office with a duration of about 20 minutes. • Does not require any medication. • It has fewer complications than other methods. The benefits are significant and visible within 4 months of treatment and can last up to 3 years. Who benefits best from this type of treatment? Patients with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction (impotence) are more likely to benefit. It can help a patient get better erections for a few months but they are still not sure of the long-lasting effect, even if it doesn’t mean repeating the treatment, the current data are not enough. It is certainly a significant addition to the weapons available to a urologist, in terms of managing erectile dysfunction. The results achieved so far suggest that we are moving in the right direction especially because we are working to try to heal the penis and correct the disorder, instead of just addressing the symptom itself. How is a shockwave treatment performed? The shock waves are administered at the doctor’s office and do not require any preliminary preparation. It is a 20-minute session, in which no anesthesia is needed. The beneficial effects on erectile dysfunction are based on angiogenic capacity as mentioned, which means that the treatment promotes the formation of new blood vessels. In addition, it also improves the quality of the inner lining of these vessels, the endothelium. The therapy consists of applying shock waves to the body of the penis during several sessions, in order to try to improve vascular quality. This acts on the root cause of erectile dysfunction: vascular problems. On the other hand, erectile dysfunction caused by the nervous system or hormonal disorders cannot be improved with this therapy. Conclusions HolisticAndrology has always been at the forefront to improve the quality of life for all people suffering from Impotence. If you are interested and want more information on impotence treatment with shock waves, do not hesitate to contact us. Contact HolisticAndrology ( to book an andrological visit in London and evaluate if your erectile problem can be treated with low intensity shock waves (ED-ESWT).

Holistic Andrology

Holistic Andrology is the first London clinic to use a scientific, holistic and non-invasive shockwave program for treating sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED), Peyronie’s disease and chronic prostatitis (pelvic pain syndrome). We provide an efficient and qualified service, quickly and at sustainable costs, with the most innovative technologies in the male sexual medicine field. We guarantee empathy, total privacy and full support for the entire treatment. Our Andrologist Expert, certified by the European Committee of Sexual Medicine (MJCSM), offers personalized programs for men suffering from ED due to other causes, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders or pelvic surgery, such as radical prostatectomy.

Dr. Fabio Castiglione | urologist London | Andrologist London

Dr. Fabio Castiglione | urologist London | Andrologist London

Dr. Fabio Castiglione is a Urologist and Andrologist in London. He is Director of the HolisticAndrology Clinic. At his centers, a therapeutic approach is used based on the most recent clinical studies, on the guidelines of international scientific societies of sexual medicine and on the extensive clinical experience of Dr. Castiglione, urologist in London.

HolisticAndrology, urology clinic in London, has always been at the forefront to improve the quality of life for all people suffering from Impotence. If you are interested and want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact HolisticAndrology, andrology clinic in London (tel. +44(0)7830398165 WhatsApp)

to book an andrological consultation with dr. Fabio Castiglione, Urologist London.

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